Interior Design Services Disclaimer

General Description of Interior Design Services. Interior Design is a broad category of services. The specific services to be provided by Transcend Interiors, if different from the list of general services below, will be detailed in writing between the Client and Transcend Interiors prior to engagement. These services may include but are not limited to:

Programming & Schematic Design. Programming includes, but is not limited to, conducting research; identifying and analyzing the needs and goals of the Client; assessing the existing environment; and evaluating project resources and limitations. A successful design requires the teamwork of both the Client and Transcend Interiors, therefore interviews with the Client or family members will help Transcend Interiors fully understand the goals for the use and desired outcome.

Conceptual Drawings. Transcend Interiors, if appropriate, will provide conceptual drawings, diagrams, or other illustrations and/or materials to generally show the suggested interior design concepts, including both space and/or floor plan specifications and furniture, furnishing, fixture, textile, and/or accessories specifications.

Merchandise Specification. Furniture, furnishings, fixtures, textiles, accessories and building materials (collectively referred to as Merchandise) are an integral part of the design process. Transcend Interiors works with the Client in narrowing the selections based on the Client’s desired scheme. Transcend Interiors will assist the Client in finding the appropriate pieces and selecting textiles and finishes that compliment the overall design concept. Recommended Merchandise specifications can be provided to facilitate your purchase of such recommended items and most recommended Merchandise will be items the Client can order online or at local furniture dealers. Transcend Interiors can also provide Purchasing Services as defined between Transcend Interiors and Client.

Ad Hoc Advice or Professional Interior Design Tips. Transcend Interiors is available for ad hoc consultation to answer ad hock design questions, from question such as what finish of paint should I use to how do I read my floor plans?

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