Transcend Team & Philosophy

Charlotte J. Michaels

Charlotte Michaels is the Founder and Manager of Transcend Interiors in Reno, Nevada. Charlotte leads a team providing all aspects of interior home styling, including unique, semi-custom home furnishings, accessories and home décor. Charlotte is a qualified Business Professional/Entrepreneur and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from the University of Arizona.

Charlotte’s varied background collectively incudes 25 years of experience in Business Management/Team Building providing the perfect foundation for creating and developing Transcend Interiors into one of Reno’s leading home design and furniture retail locations.

Charlotte created Transcend Interiors to provide quality and inspiring interiors for those who desire to surround themselves with beauty, harmony and function. She has assembled a team that can advise clients and customers in all areas of interior styling and provide them with surroundings worthy of the money they invest.

Since Transcend opened its’ doors in 2015, Charlotte Michaels has led her to team to design and execute stunning interior stylings for leading developers in the Reno/Tahoe area. Her team has also transcended the interiors of many private residences and continues to advise and assist our retail customers in areas of home décor and unique semi-custom furniture.

Page Campau

With more than 25 years of unparalleled design expertise, and degrees in both Residential Planning & Fine Arts, Page Campau one of Reno/Tahoe’s most preeminent interior designers.

Page began her design career in the mega-yacht field, where she owned businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Seattle, Washington. After moving to the West Coast,  she transitioned to residential design and opened Barbara Page Interiors in South Lake Tahoe. Her design work has been in numerous publications including Showboats International, Motor Boating & Sailing, Tahoe Quarterly and Architectural Digest.

Page possesses a strong background in fine art and has traveled extensively throughout the world. She is an innovative and resourceful designer with extensive experience in all styles of design.

Team Design Philosophy

The Team at Transcend Interiors is prepared to work with you from the inception of your design project or we can advise in stages. The team is positioned to help you:

  • Specify Finishings and Furnishings
  • Specify A Color Palette
  • Design an interior style using all new furnishings or mingling new pieces and accessories to update a previous design
  • Assemble and Install Furniture and Accessories purchased through Transcend Interiors
  • With the sale/removal of furniture upon installation of new pieces
  • Repair/Replace qualified damage of furniture within the warranty period

Transcend Interiors is excited to create and nurture a design relationship with you at any stage of your project.